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Welcome future nurses!

Nursing school is hard!

Have you figured out that most of your learning will be self-taught? Each class has 100s of pages of medical text assigned and if you’re lucky PowerPoints. You are responsible for studying each topic.

“What should I study?”


There isn’t enough time to review EVERYTHING and you definitely aren’t tested on it all. Deciding what to focus on is challenging for new students and can cause you a lot of stress.

Nursing Survival is here to help!

I have created 1-page study guides that only include the important facts of each topic. 1 page!!!!!!! No more reading pages and pages of medical text. No more spending hours of precious study time on topics you aren’t even going to test on.

Not everyone can remember facts by just reading. So, I have created interactive PDF fill-in-the-blank study guides as well as coloring pages. When you write (or color) key facts you engage different parts of your brain. When I wrote out my notes, I found I retained the information better.

Nursing Survival will also have a Podcast. It will coincide with the study guides so you can utilize the fill-in-the-blank pages and the coloring pages while listening.


Nursing students quickly find that there are not enough hours in the day to study and function as a normal human being. Every minute not spent in front of a book causes so much stress because you feel like you should be studying. The Nursing Survival Podcast will allow you to shower, cook dinner, you can even listen while you sleep!

Nursing Survival is still in its infancy. Study guides and podcast will be coming out weekly. Sign up for emails so you can find out when a new study guide comes out as well as receive coupons.


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