About Us

Hi! My name is Camille Gray MSN, RN.  I graduated with an associate of science in nursing in 2015 and earned a Master’s in nursing informatics in 2018. Currently, I work on a trauma step-down unit at a level I trauma center in South Carolina.

Like many of you nursing was a second career. Making the decision to go back to school was difficult. I had a small child, a full-time job, and I hadn’t seen the inside of a class room in almost a decade. Studying was challenging. There was sooo much material to wade through. Hundreds of pages of medical text and vague PowerPoints did not make it easy to learn. There was never enough time to study everything so I had to figure out what to focus my time on.

I began creating study guides for myself and fellow classmates. It helped me concentrate on the important points of each topic and stop wasting precious time on inconsequential facts.

Nursing Survival has been created to help nursing students learn and retain the mountains of information being thrown at them. Each topic is condensed down to 1 page. 1 PAGE!!! It is easy to understand, only focuses on the important points and even includes the lab values. These study guides are designed to help decrease study time and increase knowledge retention.

If you are just now finding me then WELCOME! Nursing Survival is still in its infancy. New study guides will be coming out weekly.

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